Instead of a magic wand, Colby has a hashtag magic app.

The Hashtag Magic series, chronicles the adventures of Colby Stevens. Magic is waking and Colby is at the center of everything. Troubled by being a “late-bloomer” with magic, Colby needs to catch-up and learn everything fast. To make up for his lack of magical control, Hashtag Magic is created, a mobile app that allows Colby to enter hashtags for his devices to interpret spells and fuel his abilities.



What Readers are Saying:

“A thoroughly entertaining contemporary fantasy with a unique story that its compelling through to the last page” – E. A. Gray

“It’s a refreshingly different novel that will introduce you to the life of Colby who many young people will feel they can relate to – maybe except for the fact that he has special abilities.” – Vanessa

“The story finds a fun way to blend magic and technology in a way to bring urban fantasy into the 21st century.” – Stuart C.

Books in the Hashtag Magic series:

Blue Screen of Death
Control ALT Delete
Web of Trolls
Open Source (New Release)
Selfie Sacrifice (2021)

A Kindle only compilation of books 1-3

Book 1

Book 2

Book 3

Book 4

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