Blue Screen of Death

Hashtags have more power than one might think, particularly if they are used to construct magic through a mobile app.


Who needs a wand when you have Hashtag Magic

Control ALT Delete

Colby and friends find themselves in ancient ruins that link back to the time when magic first peaked in its usage and the users were mistaken for gods.


Magic needs a reboot!

Web of Trolls

In the realm of their enemy, the kids must fight a virtual reality unlike the role-playing of a game. This is no game and their enemy is playing for keeps.


Open Source

The mobile application, Hashtag Magic has inexplicably ended up on the Internet in the form of a game. While mundane humans play blissfully unaware of the real magic they are invoking, Colby is suffering the consequences.


Books in the Hashtag Magic series:

Blue Screen of Death
Control ALT Delete
Web of Trolls
Open Source (New Release)
Selfie Sacrifice (2021)

A Kindle only compilation of books 1-3

Book 1

Book 2

Book 3

Book 4

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